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In 1994, a husband and wife bought a little bridal boutique and renamed it after their daughter-me, Nancy.

I was surprised, yet flattered. It may have been their way of hinting that they wanted me to have a part in the store, but they never had to force me to work. I was only 13 at the time, but I was eager to work and learn from the beginning. What teenage girl wouldn't want to grow up working with so many beautiful dresses? It was like playing dress-up...and still is!

I remember one of my first days at work, my mother asked me to help her chose a new gown for the store from a specific designer. I studied the designer's entire catalog and I picked out the gown I thought was best. That gown turned out to be our best selling dress of the year.  It was then, 26 years ago that I kind of got the feeling I was destined to work in the industry.

Being a woman in the bridal industry has its advantages, because I deal with women, like me, everyday and understand their needs and concerns.  I never truly understood how stressful planning a wedding was, until I planned my own.  It is an unreal amount of pressure, extremely time-consuming, and a great deal of money, to say the least!

I tend to think less about the numbers and the accounting side of the business. It's more about emotions and making people happy. Its about being kind, compassionate and understanding. It's about helping the bride find the perfect gown and smoothly getting her through the entire process until she's ready to walk down that aisle in the most gorgeous, most important gown she'll ever wear.

I try not to forget the reasoning behind all that we do-the marriage. It's all about the bride and the groom and two people becoming one and throwing one hell of a party to celebrate afterwards.

Our purpose is to find our bride the most gorgeous, empowering dress that makes her look and feel like a million bucks so that she can walk down that aisle with confidence as everyone's heads turn and jaws drop.

With over two decades of trial and error, we have mastered the art of helping a bride from the moment she walks into our store, until the time comes for her to pickup her dress.  From choosing the right dress, to special ordering, to seamless alterations, we're here to help from beginning to end. We've built strong relationships with most of our designers and they will go to great lengths to ensure we get what we need.

We would love to be a part of your story, and I invite you to visit our store and become a part of our Nancy's family.

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